"In the beginning..."

What came first?
The Chicken or the Egg?

Common Creation Theories

Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG)

The Loop Quantum Gravity theory suggests the possibility of a quantum "Big Bounce" or "Big Crunch." Our Universe is the result of a previous Universe that had collapsed on itself before the Big Bang.

But all scientific data suggests our Universe is headed toward a "Big Freeze" or a "Heat Death," not a Big Crunch.

FYI, Einstein's general theory of relativity is a theory of space, time, and gravity, and "quantum theory" describes everything else that exists in the universe (elementary particles, nuclei, atoms, and chemistry.) These two theories overthrew the previous theory, which was Newtonian mechanics.

Steady State

The Steady State theory argues that there was a central region in the center of the Universe where matter was continually being created from energy as the universe expanded, and that this energy was pushed out to form stars and galaxies. This model was popular in the 1950s and early 1960s.

A Universe in a Steady State neither expands nor collapses; it is as it was—a homogeneous existence. A steady state Universe looks the same at all places and times; It has no beginning or end in time.

But the WMAP satellite's discovery of cosmic background radiation (heat) doomed the Steady State theory.

Also, when the Steady State theory was popular, astronomers had not found any evidence that the Universe had changed. Since then however, astronomers have discovered there were more radio galaxies and quasars in the universe in the past then there are today, and the shape of galaxies have changed over time. This evidence proved the Universe has evolved and changed, which disproves the Steady State theory.

The only good thing about the Steady State theory is that it avoids the explanation of how the Universe began.

Big Bang

All matter and energy in our Universe was created in an instant at a single subatomic-sized point called, singularity. At the very instant of its creation, there was no matter, only energy, which erupted into a huge fireball called, the "Big Bang."

Less than a billionth of a second after the Big Bang, a bubble (primeval atom) less than a fraction of an atom formed. This primeval atom would become our Universe.

Inside this unimaginable small and hot primeval atom, the 4 Forces of Nature are combined into a single Super Force.

Less than a second later, as the Universe expanded, the Super Force split into the 4 separate Forces of Nature: Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, Electromagnetism, and Gravity. But before this split, Einstein's theory did not apply and something happened that set off a burst of energy that fueled the Hyper Inflation of the Universe and allowed the Universe to expand FASTER than the speed of light, thus locking in the uniformity of the Universe's temperature pictured by the WMAP satellite.

About 3 minutes after the Big Bang, the temperature dropped to about one billionth degree Fahrenheit, the element Hydrogen formed and some Hydrogen atoms fused to create Helium.

For about 100,000 years, this fireball of energy inflated at an enormous rate, gradually cooling as it expanded until it had cooled enough for sub-atomic particles and atoms to form.

380,000 years after the BB, the Universe started to become transparent for the first time, and this is when light began to be emitted...

In the Book of Genesis, is this when it was said:
"And let there be Light" ???


According to The Book of Genesis in the Bible, God created Heaven and the Earth less than 10,000 years ago, AND, in just six days.

Abracadabra, hocus pocus, watch Him pull a planet out of his hat, and with a snap of his finger... It was good.

Astronomy, Anthropology, Geology, Chemistry, Archeology, Paleontology, Biology, and Physics are NOT allowed to participate in this theory.

Creationism explains nothing and proves nothing.


Ancient esoteric teachings of the Ancient Mystery Schools. For example, the empty circle represents the finite symbol of the Infinite Unmanifest = Infinite Space.

Infinite Space is the Absolute Container of Everything, Manifest or Unmanifest. There is no "outside" of Infinite Space. Infinite Space is invisible and beyond all senses.

The dot (point) in the center is the "Germ within the Cosmic Egg." The symbol of the Cosmic Egg (primeval atom) has been around for a long time and was adopted by the ancient Greeks, Syrians, Persians, Egyptians, and Christians. It is known to most of the ancient esoteric schools of philosophy as Anima Mundi, World Soul, Logos, Word, and Demiurge.

Within the "World Soul" are individualized centers of life, being, and activity manifested by the World Soul, all expressions of the "One Something."

Using esoteric language, these ancient teachings explain the how and why of the very "Beginning" of the Creation of our Universe.

Multiple Dimension

There are multiple dimensions of space allowing for multiple universes to co-exist at the same time.

Something happened that caused two dimensions (of opposite polarity?) to intersect, or collide with one another, resulting in a astronomical violent event. This violent (Big Bang) event created the Universe we know today.

These other dimensions/universes (of Outer Space?) existed first, BEFORE the Big Bang. They are infinite.

This theory helps explain what was before the Big Bang.

Here are some of my thoughts regarding the Multiple Dimension Theory.

According to our scientific mindset, 13.7 billion years ago, our universe was created in a BANG of astronomical proportions (pun intended), an explosion beyond our human comprehension. Enter GOD? GOD is a ways to a means of explaining what we cannot comprehend. If we can't understand or comprehend something, GOD must have had something to do with it, at least that's how most of the human race explain it away anyway.

But, 13.7 billion is a "number" defined by our human comprehension of TIME and SPACE. It is just a number. Repeat, it is just a "number."

If 13.7 billion is the beginning of TIME, what was 13.8 billion years ago? Did it exist? Yes! of course. It had to. It just didn't exist on OUR earthly watch by our definition of TIME and SPACE.

Now, think about this:

• God vs Satan = conflict = explosion
• Good vs Evil = conflict = explosion
• Light vs Dark = conflict = explosion
• Matter vs Anti-matter = conflict = explosion
• Positive (+) charge vs Negative (-) charge = conflict = explosion

Two opposing dimensions/forces (or characters with conflicting characteristics) confront each other. The ensing battle/war/conflict results in an astronomical explosive confrontation beyond comprehension: The Big Bang.

Now think about this:

• Adam (Atom) + Eve (Electron) = matter = physical dimension = our physical universe
• Male (positive) + Female (negative) = creation = propagation of the species

I understand how and why elements such as Hydrogen (H) and Helium (He) helped propagate other elements, which eventually developed and evolved into matter as we know it today, but where did CONSCIOUSNESS come from? When and where did souls/spirits/higher consciousness originate?

Hydrogen and Helium?

The other dimension?


Let's start at "the very Beginning," as we know it anyway.

The Universe, History Channel