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The Beginning of the Universe


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The Beginning

Primeval Atom

Inside the Primeval Atom
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The Germ
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"Cosmic Egg"
The Unwrapping
Let there be Light


Although it will appear I am re-reporting science history here (which btw is virtually impossible to avoid when dealing with this subject matter) I nevertheless bring attention to some aspects of the historical record that are not yet explained (well?) or understood, questions that I hope to answer throughout this section and perhaps bring some new food for thought to the dinner table that may shed some light on some of the answers to some of the ultimate questions.

That said, in order to build my visual timeline of the creation of The Universe, I decided to categorize the evolutionary process into 6 sections, or periods I will define as, Days :-)

Day 1:
Before The Beginning

In the beginning there was NOTHING. There was no time and no (material) space. There was NOTHING but an Unmanifested, Unconscious, Infinite Space of NOTHINGNESS, also known as the ETERNAL PARENT, and the great "Cosmic Egg."

The Eternal Parent was "wrapped" in Cosmic Night, in an unconscious, dreamless sleep. TIME was NOT because "change" had not begun. THINGS were NOT because "form" had not materialized. ACTION was NOT because there were no "Things" to act upon. And because there were no Things, there was NO GRAVITY = NOTHING to manifest opposition, or polarity.

The Eternal Parent is the quintessential Infinite Source of ALL Things, the Infinite Unmanifest, or Infinite Space, which, for our purposes here, is represented by the symbol of a circle. But keep in mind, the circle has no "limitation," for it is impossible to represent the Infinite with a finite symbol. Think of the circle as, there is nothing outside of itself and nothing within itself.

"Infinite Space" is the best terminology to represent the Eternal Parent, but there is no sign or symbol to accurately represent Infinite Space either. So what's a philosopher to do? Select the best possible symbol the student can relate to to grasp the concept.

And so the empty circle was adopted as the best symbol to represent the Eternal Parent = Infinite Unmanifest = Infinite Space = the "Absolute Container of Everything," whether Manifest or Unmanifest. (There's that word again — "Container.")

That the Eternal Parent rested in "Unconsciousness, dreamless sleep" is known by all advanced metaphysicians and philosophers as a necessity if there is to be a period or state of Unmanifestation, for consciousness is impossible without "change."

Infinite Unconsciousness is a state of rising above ordinary consciousness—a state of "Infinite Super-Consciousness." Understand, ordinary consciousness is a descent from this state of Unconsciousness, not an ascent. This is important to understand.

Infinite Space (the Infinite Unmanifest) is invisible and beyond all words and mortal senses. It is NOT a Thing, as no thought can express the Infinite either. It can only be thought of symbolically as that of Infinite Space, for Infinite Space is "not this" or "not that" but simply, "IT IS."

It should be noted, the empty circle may indicate Nothing to the ignorant, but to the Illuminated Intuition, it is seen as the representation of Absolute ALLNESS instead of Nothingness, an expression of the nature of the Infinite Essence of Being.

For my agenda here, I am going to postulate another possible non-esoteric name for this Infinite Unmanifest, Infinite Space"Outer Space."

Day 2:
The Primeval Atom
"The Germ within the Cosmic Egg"

Something happened and from the Infinite Unmanifestation arose an Elemental and Universal Soul clothed in a tenuous and elemental form of matter. This Universal Soul was the proverbial original primeval atom, or the "Germ within the Cosmic Egg."

The first manifestation in the form of an egg was a widely accepted belief in antiquity. The ancient Greeks, Syrians, Persians, Egyptians and Christians all adopted the circle symbology. If you do the research you will learn these Truths. Here's one: the Christians adopted the symbol as a commemoration of life eternal, or salvation and resurrection corroborated by the "Easter Eggs." And I bet you thought the Easter Bunny started this custom.

According to the ancient esoteric schools of philosophy, the existence of the Elemental Soul was the First Manifestation of the Eternal Parent—the World Soul—and is represented by a point or dot in the center of a circle, the circle representing the Infinite Unmanifest, Infinite Space (or Outer Space?) and the point or dot representing the primeval atom or the "Germ within the Cosmic Egg."

The concept of the World Soul is said to be universal. It has taken many names over the ages. For example, this World Soul is known among many of the ancient schools of philosophy as an Anima Mundi or Life/Soul of the World, and in others, Logos, Word, Demiurge.

With the manifestation (birth?) of the World Soul, everything begins. Now, Time begins, because "change" has begun; a Thing exists, because the World Soul is a Thing; Action begins, because the Germ in the Cosmic Egg is the manifestation of Activity, Motion and Change; and Polarity exists, because all Things are accompanied by the Pairs of Opposites and differentiation begins.

The World Soul is born and awakens into immediate active manifestation. The new Cosmic Day begins, springing forth the first rays of light over the horizon.

What did this "World Soul" or "Germ within the Cosmic Egg" look like?

It is theorized that the "Germ within the Cosmic Egg" was a primeval atom, yet smaller than an atom, a subatomic point known as a "singularity," and inside, all "matter" in the Universe was compressed into an infinitely dense hot mass.

Here are the $13.7 billion questions:

1. Where did the World Soul, the Germ within the Cosmic Egg, come from?
2. What was the origin or source of the "matter" inside the Cosmic Egg?

Day 3:
Inside the Primeval Atom

Opposites attract. Male and Female. Masculine and Feminine. Positive and Negative. They act and react, one upon the other, producing all Creative Activity. Manifested Creation. The beginning of Generation and Creation. From One become Two, and from Two proceed the Many. Such is the activity inside the primeval atom.

Inside of the primeval atom is a Universe of its own. Inside are individualized centers of life, being and activity manifested by the World Soul, all expressions of the One Being—centers of consciousness, form, and activity within itself. The concept that all beings are expressions of the One Being is a fundamental principle of all esoteric teaching.


All Being, all Life, all Form, all Consciousness is One is known to all true disciples of esoteric teaching past and present, occidental and oriental, philosophical and theological. Even behind the orthodox, there is an Essential Oneness on the Inner Teachings of all schools. Everything comes from the "One."

Think of "Oneness" as an Infinite Ocean of Being, where there are millions of tiny bubbles, each apart and separate from each other, all belonging to the same Reality, yet individual centers of activity and expression in the One Great Ocean. This is the concept of the "Many in One and the One in Many."

Modern science has another concept of "Many in One and the One in Many"— "Universal Substance" — and it has many names: "Primordial Substance," or "Infinite and Eternal Energy," or "The Universal Ether." The fact that Science postulates this concept as a fundamental "Something," of which all forms of existence are but manifestations, says something (all pun intended :-)

How did the One become the Many?

Evolution can be seen all around us. But for there to be Evolution, there must be Involution first. This is also known as the twin-activity of Manifestation. Think of it like this: In order to get out of something, you have to be involved in it first. Make sense?

"Involve" means "to wrap up," "to cover," "to hide within," whereas "Evolve" means "to unwrap," "to unfold, to unroll," etc. So, before a Thing can "evolve" (unwrap, unfold, unroll itself) it must have been "involved" (wrapped up, folded up, rolled up in itself.) Are you with me so far?

Esoteric teachings state quite clearly that before the wondrous process of Evolution from simple (lower) to more complex (higher) forms of manifestation, there must have been an "involution," or a wrapping up of the World Soul into the simple, elemental forms of matter. In other words, the vibratory rate must have been lowered FIRST before they could have increased. (For an explanation of the vibratory rate of matter, I talk about that in my Explore the Astral World section.)

And so, with incredible speed and force, the World Soul, the Germ within the Cosmic Egg, plunged into the abyss of Manifestation and created for itself material garments of the most dense elemental matter.

[Btw, it should be noted that this extreme form(s) of elemental matter is below the scale of MINERALS and difficult to describe without a physical illustration, and since no illustration exist that can possibly describe describe it, it remains unknown to us today.]

When the lowest point in the scale of Involution was reached, the upward climb began and the first aspect of Evolution began to manifest itself. At this very point, the manifestation of "individualization" began and the centers of activity and consciousness formed.

Inside the Cosmic Germ
Outside the Cosmic Germ
The first manifestation of evolution begins with the upward movement of the elemental matter. The membrane of the Primeval Atom glows hot with upward movement of the elemental matter.

And so the World Soul descended into the depth of Involution en masse and then began to emerge by a "splitting up" process. The active newborn centers of activity moved upward toward "self-expression."

BIG QUESTION: How long did this World Soul exist before it exploded? How old was the World Soul when it went BANG? If Time suddenly began with the World Soul's sudden existence, then it must have had an age between the time it suddenly existed and the time it exploded.

Think about it. How "old" was the World Soul when it gave birth to our Universe? Billions of years? Millions of years? Thousands of years? Hundreds of years? Hours? Minutes? Seconds? Nobody knows, and nobody seems to talk about it.

My point is, after the World Soul suddenly appeared, it must have taken some "TIME" for the World Soul to undergo "Involution" before it manifested into "self-expression." Perhaps there is another story to this story? Perhaps, we are not the first?

Day 4:
The Big Bad Bang

Something happened next that resulted in the unimaginable explosion of the World Soul—the Germ within the Cosmic Egg—an explosion of unimaginable cosmic proportions that would become known as, "The Big Bang" and "The Beginning" of the Universe.

All the "Stuff" inside the World Soul exploded outward into "Outer Space" faster than the speed of light. Yes, FASTER than the speed of light, as Einstein's theory did not apply at this very moment. The Universe was now set in motion.

At the very instant of "The Beginning," everything happened very FAST, unimaginably FAST.

The World Soul—the Germ within the Cosmic Egg—exploded!

10–43 seconds later, a single SUPER FORCE was born = the combination of the four known forces: Electromagnetism, Gravity, Strong Nuclear and Weak Nuclear.

Hydrogen (H) gas was the only element in the Universe, as the Universe was too hot for protons and neutrons to bind together to form nuclei.

QUESTION: Where did the hydrogen come from? Had it always been in existence?

Between 10–36 and 10–32 seconds later, something happened that caused the Universe to expand FASTER than the speed of light. This extremely rapid exponential hyper-expansion is known as "INFLATION," or the "Inflationary epoch," which is explained in DAY 5 below.

BTW, 10–36 seconds = 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds

NOTE: The "Inflationary epoch" (DAY 5) happens 10–36 seconds after the "Big Bang" (DAY 4). It lasted between 1033 and 10–32 seconds. During that unimaginable tiny period of time, the Universe expanded from the size of a grape to billions of light years across.

Can you imagine such an event? The Universe went from the size of a grape to billions of light years across in 0.000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds!

Approximately three (3) seconds after
the Big Bang event:

some hydrogen (H) atoms fused to create helium (He)
the Super Force splits into the four known forces
gravity splits off from the Super Force
• the
strong and weak nuclear forces emerge
electromagnetic force emerges

Three (3) minutes after the Big Bang event, the universe cooled down to ~1,000,000,000° F (that's one billionth degree). As the Universe cooled, protons (hydrogen ions) and neutrons were able to bind together to form the nuclei of simple elements in the process of nuclear fusion. This is known as nucleosynthesis. Nucleosynthesis only lasted for about 17 minutes though. After nucleosynthesis, the temperature and density of the universe had fallen to the point where nuclear fusion could no longer continue.

Day 5:
The Inflation Phenomena

But before nucleosynthesis (the formation of elements) there was something scientists called, "Inflation," or the "Inflationary epoch."

10–36 seconds AFTER the Big Bang event, something happened (burst of energy!) that caused the Universe to expand FASTER than the speed of light. This phenomena is known as, "INFLATION."

Again, 10–36 seconds = 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds

But before we discuss Inflation, let's examine some of the problems with Big Bang (BB).

(1) The BB does not explain why the Universe emerged as as a nearly, but not perfectly, homogeneous state (our direct measure of uniformity comes from the WMAP cosmic microwave background radiation when the universe was only 380,000 years old, as explained on the previous web page.)

(2) There are no exotic particles left-over from the hot, early Universe. Current physical theories state that a number of exotic particles at high energies would have been produced and that many of them would be detectable today. The BB model predicts that we should see them but we do not. Where are they?

In 1980, Alan Guth proposed the Theory of Inflation, a theory that the Universe underwent a rapid expansion on an exponential scale immediately (instantly!) following the BB. It explains the nearly perfect homogeneous state of the Universe and the absence of exotic particles.

"SPACE," as in "Outer Space," expanded so fast it allowed "SPACE" the opportunity to be uniform and without exotic particles.

Although there are no other known theories to explain these problems away, in the words of one of the leading experts on Inflation, Andrei Linde, "Inflation hasn't won the race, but so far it's the only horse (in the race.)"

The Inflation Theory suggests the Universe went from the size of a marble or grape to billions of light years across within the first trillionth of a second after its birth. Albeit there are alternative theories, Inflation seems to be the #1 accepted theory among the scientific community to explain the origin of the Universe we see today. Why?

Because Inflation appears to answer the BIG QUESTION, "How can the Universe be the same temperature from one end (its beginning, 13.7 billion years ago) to the other end (today, 13.7 billion years later)?" The Universe is too large to be the same temperature from one end to the other, and it's not old enough to have equalized yet, so say the scientist.

It is believed that INFLATION — a period of super rapid exponential expansion — locked in the uniformity of the temperature of the ("space" of the) Universe.

Inflation created (the) "Space" (first) which allowed the "stuff" of the Universe a place to exist. Do you understand? "SPACE" (Outer Space) was created FIRST, and it expanded FASTER than the Universe (stuff) could keep pace, and in order for that to happen, "Space" had to travel faster than the speed of light.

So, the temperature of (Outer) "SPACE" was 2.725 Kelvin (-454.765°F or -270.425°C) at the moment of its creation, and the "stuff" of the Universe followed, populating the "SPACE" with its "stuff" (ie. elements, stars, galaxies, planets, etc.)

This is the conventional theory of the beginning evolution of the Universe, which is accepted by nearly all scientists, astronomers, cosmologists, physicists today.

Day 6:
Let There Be Light

Light is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength that is visible to the human eye. In physics, light is sometimes used to refer to electromagnetic radiation of all wavelengths, whether visible or not (ie. CMB radiation.)

About 380,000 years after the Big Bang event, the temperature of the universe cooled to the point where nuclei (protons) could combine with electrons to create neutral atoms, thus freeing photons (light) from matter. As a result, the universe became transparent and light began to be emitted, which we now see in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation.

And so it was. The "World Soul" manifested into countless life-forms and became known as the "World of Manifestation."

And it was good.

The Big Bang event was an unimaginable burst of ONE ENERGY of unimaginable cosmic proportions that created ALL that exist and ever existed in The Universe. It was the result of the separation from absolute divine unity, but only in appearance, for everything that is manifested/created (conscious) has an unmanifested (unconscious) Self.

If we could travel back in time to the very instant before the Germ within the Cosmic Egg exploded into "SELF-EXPRESSION," we might be able to see (or realize) how everything that is is connected to the ONE, the ONE ENERGY, and why the manifestation of "individualization" — the forming of centers of activity = electrons of matter, and the consciousness of being — is the result of the "separation" from the ONE VITAL ENERGY that flows through ALL.

Everything, all possibilities of manifestation (creation) including plants, animals, mammals, humans and even life forms unknown to us that have separated from the divine, paradisiacal, original state and into the created world (universe) of many forms and differentiations, ALL that ever was, is, and ever shall be, is connected to the ONE ENERGY, the ONE LIGHT, the ONE.

With that said, there's another Creation Theory

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