UFOs In Space


The video clips you are about to view were shot from the Space Shuttle Discovery. Many of you may have seen a segment of these video clips before, but what I offer here are many different views, including attention focused on the other mysterious objects in the video that have gone unnoticed? or have they been purposely ignored? or am I the only person who is seeing things? IMO, these other mysterious objects are equally as strange as the central focus object.

Please read my description and explanation of each video clip BEFORE viewing them. Please! The video clips will make much more sense if you do.

I suggest you view the video clips at 200% - minimum, and do not be afraid to view them at full screen. The distortion is not important but the movement of the object(s) is very important.

On your player browser (preferably Windows Media Player) GO TO VIEW and SELECT ZOOM. Select 200% or more (the viewing window at 100% is too small.) Also, if you have the LOOP option, I suggest you select it. If you do not have the loop option, I strongly suggest you to manually watch the clip over and over and over again, repeatedly! This way you will begin to see the OTHER things that were captured on the videotape - Get it?

Finally, my video capture hardware and software was designed for the Windows Media Player. In may not work with Netscape either :/

If possible, please view the video clips with the Windows Media Player - all the clips play exactly as I edited them with this player. (Unfortunately, when viewed with RealPlayer) the end of the video clips are clipped (shortened) by about 2 seconds, plus, a couple segments encounter dropped frames :-(