Space Shuttle Discovery, 355 miles above the surface of Earth, heading SE toward Australia at 18,000 miles per hour:

This first segment is a general overview from the Space Shuttle camera. In this clip the upper layer of the Earth's atmosphere and the physical horizon of the Earth are pointed out with vectored arrows. The
top arrow points at the uppermost layer of earth's atmosphere, also known as the AirGlow layer and extends to about 40 miles above the surface of Earth, dissipating about 60 miles above the Earth. The lower arrow points at the physical horizon of Earth - THIS IS THE REAL HORIZON.

The bright objects above the Earth in the distance are stars. These stars are slowly moving downward, slowly setting behind the physical horizon of the Earth.

Lastly, the brilliant-glowing object that emerges from the center of the circle has been calculated to be over 1,700 miles away from the Shuttle camera. This object rises above the physical horizon of the Earth, travels from right to left, then turns sharply right and darts out of the atmosphere. Check it out:
Space Shuttle View

Closer examination reveals an object 1,700 miles away, ascending above the physical horizon of the Earth, leisurely traveling across the field of view from right-to-left. If you want proof the object is 1,700 miles away, there is a long-winded explanation that I can assemble and email to you when I find the time. My purpose here is simply to expose the visual reality of what is happening here. Keep in mind, this documented videotape from the Space Shuttle Discovery is NOT an accident. More on that later.
Space Shuttle View2

Based on the object's distance from the Shuttle camera,
the object's speed has been calculated at 15 miles per second, or approximately 54,000 miles per hour.
Closer Examination

When the object turns and darts out of the Earth's atmosphere, it's acceleration has been calculated at over 200,000 miles per hour in less than 2 seconds!
This is equivalent to a g-force of 14,000g's!!!!! No human being could withstand such a g-force, not with any technology the earthling general public knows of anyway. Hmmm...
Acceleration Factor


In this next segment, focus your attention on the object's luminosity. Note: the object immediately loses its luminosity as soon as it crosses the limb of the AirGlow layer (the upper atmosphere of the Earth.) Why? Because the object's luminosity is dependent upon the Earth's atmosphere. Huh? Yes. When the object enters the earth's atmosphere, its strong magnetic field ionizes the atmospheric air molecules around it, hence creating a field of luminosity around the object. Then, upon leaving the Earth's atmosphere, since the ionization of the atmosphere around the object no longer exist, the object dims. See for yourself:
Object Lumination

Nothing is more convincing than watching the entire scenario unravel before your eyes in Fast Motion.
In this segment pay particularly close attention to the other luminious objects in the field of view, especially those in the far right hand corner. What's up with them? More on those later.
Fast Motion View

By now you are probably thinking and wondering: What's up with that bright burst of light and those two contrails that shoot out into space? Apparently there is a secret Star Wars weapon system program known as "Brilliant Pebbles" that just may hold the answer to all of this. The bright flash may have been caused by an electromagnetic pulse that the camera picked up; It is not light, per se. This weapon system shoots out 1,000s of tiny plastic pellets at a rate of 1,000 miles per second via an electro-magnetic accelerator called a "rail gun." Were those two streaks of light shotgun burst from this weapon system?
Rail Gun

In this final segment, pay particular attention to the fireflies in the lower right corner of the frame
. What are these solid objects doing hovering and leisurely moving about in orbit above the Earth's atmosphere? They are NOT artificial satellites. I don't know what these objects are but I find them equally if not more intriquing than the main object of this entire video. View them for yourself:
Other Objects


It is a known fact that since the 1950s declassified USAF documents have revealed that most, if not all of the U.S. aerospace companies were engaged in research on electro-gravitic technology (the control of gravity.) Could it be that what you just witnessed here was visual evidence of some type of secret Star Wars weapon system in orbit using hyper-dimensional technology for target practice?

Why were these performing hyper-dimensional vehicles in orbit broadcast "live" to Earth for all to see? Why? The simple fact that the Shuttle camera was focused on this extraordinary technology is cause enough to raise many red flags! Did someone inside NASA want the general public to view a glimpse at what is going on up there?

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