How is it possible to traverse vast distances (light-years!) in space without traveling faster than the speed of light?


We have always been taught that the shortest distance between two points (A and B) is a straight line. This may be true when traveling in a linear mode within our 3-dimensional plane, but there is a much shorter and faster route if we warp/bend the space/time between points A and B.

What? Warp/Bend Space/Time ?

Yes. This is possible via a very powerful gravitational field. The greater the gravitational field, the greater the distortion of space/time; and the greater the distortion of space/time, the shorter the distance between points A and B.

We know that gravity bends/distorts space/time and light because we can see stars blocked behind the sun. This is possible because the intense gravitational field bends the light of the star around the Sun, thus, we see the star as if it were in a different position.

How does gravity bend / distort space / time and light ?

Space is not an empty void of nothingness as once thought. It is composed of many properties ("stuff") that are directly effected by an intense gravitational field. Space/time is a real entity (in the 3-dimensional plane) and can be physically manipulated by an external electromagnetic force. Therefore, by generating an intense gravitational field, it is possible to distort space/time to such an extent that instead of traveling to a destination, the destination is brought to you, no matter how far away, and this includes light-years!

You see, we do not need to travel in a linear mode near the speed of light to reach our distant destination, we merely need to warp space/time to bring points A and B closer together.


Gravity consists of an "A wave" and a "B wave." The Gravity B wave is the gravitational field that holds the planets orbiting the Sun, and the moons orbiting the planets, whereas the Gravity A wave is that force that holds together the protons and neutrons of "mass."

For "matter" to be "matter," it must have at least one atom, a proton and an electron, and in most cases a neutron. Anything short of an atom is considered "mass." Gravity A holds this "mass" of protons and neutrons together. When an atom is a part of the equation, the electromagnetic force is a substantial factor.

The source of Gravity A can be found in the nucleus of every atom of all matter on Earth. IN ORDER TO DISTORT SPACE/TIME, WE NEED TO "ACCESS AND AMPLIFY" THE GRAVITY A WAVE. But unfortunately, it is inaccessible because it can only be located "within" all "matter" (at least within all "matter" on the planet Earth). Unfortunately for us Earthlings, there is no known method of accessing this Gravity A Wave with any earthly elements.


Although our solar system has only one star (our Sun) the majority of the solar systems within the Milky Way Galaxy have binary or multiple star systems. This creates an interesting hypothesis:

The residual matter that remains in the solar system after its creation is directly related to the contributing factors that were present during its creation. Two main factors are:

Therefore, the larger and/or more numerous the solar system's star system, the more mass and electromagnetic energy the solar system will have. Interestingly enough, when comparing our Sun to other solar systems in our galaxy, in most cases, our Sun is dwarfed in size. So, by deductive reasoning, OUR solar system contains LESS mass and electromagnetic energy than most OTHER solar systems. Suffice to say, EARTH IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF ALL MATTER WITHIN THE UNIVERSE. This is a very important point to understand if you are to understand the principle of a propulsion system that is fueled by an UNKNOWN element, namely, Element 115.

Repeat: This is a very important point to understand if you are to understand the principle of a propulsion system that is fueled by an UNKNOWN element, namely, Element 115.


Scientist and Physicist now believe (theorize) that there are heavier elements (combinations of protons, neutrons and electrons) with atomic numbers higher than our present day periodic chart that do NOT occur naturally on Earth.

Although the stability of heavier elements decreases as their atomic number increases, laboratory experiments have demonstrated that there may be a higher group of elements that ARE stable (ie. the half-life of element 109 is longer than that of element 108.) Conclusion: All the evidence points to the realization that heavier, stable elements with higher atomic numbers than any known element on Earth do in fact exist.


The Gravity A wave is very abundant in these heavier elements; in fact, it is so abundant it extends beyond the perimeter of the atom! Unlike Earth elements, which do not have enough protons and neutrons to create a Gravity A wave beyond (outside) the atom, these heavier elements actually have their own Gravity A field that permeates the space around them, thus making it physically accessible! Sure, it might be infinitesimal, but it nevertheless has amplitude, wave length and frequency (just like any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum.)

So now that we have physical "ACCESS" to this previously inaccessible Gravity A wave, it is now possible to "AMPLIFY" it just like any other electromagnetic wave. This is exactly the function of the Gravity Amplifiers in the spacecraft we have just examined.


If Element 115 does NOT exist on Earth but is/was used as the fuel to propel the spacecraft under examination here, where did it originate? and where did the spacecraft originate?

Good question. My guess would be from a solar system with a very large single star system, a binary star system, or a multiple star system -- Somewhere out there.


If you made it this far, and you read and followed the contents of this site from the very beginning, you now know more about the solution to this "problem" than most physicists.


Now you know some of the secrets.

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