Where is the Sieve?

Now examine the cartouche drawings below. Can you locate a sieve as Birch described in his report? Do you see a circle with three crosshatches inside it in any of these drawings?



No sieve is present.

There are no inscriptions of a sieve in these cartouches. Instead, they are clearly drawn with ONE crosshatch and ONE DOT.

Note the sieve? (Kh?) in the cartouche on the far right. The circle has only ONE DOT in the center. A circle with one dot in the center depicts the Solar Disk, the hieroglyphic symbol and phonetic sound for RA, the sun god, the supreme god of Egypt, NOT "Kh." This cartouche spells, Raufu, NOT Khufu.

What in the world is the symbol of "Ra" doing in this cartouche? How could this happen?

Had someone uneducated in hieroglyphics misspelled the Pharaoh's name?

Who would/could make such a misspelling mistake? Someone living during Khufu's reign? or someone living in the 1830s?

And why is this cartouche inconsistent with the other cartouches inscribed in the same chamber? Why is it incomplete?