Mexico City, Mexico

It was a hot and humid smoggy day. I was in Mexico City on a business trip. Suddenly this pickup truck with a load of dead chickens drove up alongside my taxi. These chickens were enroute to Mexican restaurants to be served on someone's dinner plate. I was brave. That night I ate fish :|

Saturn V Rocket
Marshal Space Flight Center
Huntsville, Alabama USA

I cannot express in words how gigantic these five Saturn V rocket engines are, but I will try. Each exhaust nozzle is about 12 feet in diameter. Only by standing next to this rocket can you gain a feel of just how enormous this rocket really is/was; It is truly an engineering marvel.

FYI, this rocket cannot be built today even if we wanted too. When the Saturn program was dicontinued, all the engineering drawings were dispersed among the thousands of engineers who worked on the project, or were lost or destroyed.

Somewhere in October

Negative ions in the air.
Redondo Beach, California USA :|

Long Beach Grand Prix Spectator :-)
Long Beach, California USA