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"The Ultimate Frontier" also gives an account of the travels of Jesus in the East. Briefly this account goes as follows:

Jesus spends four years as a student at Jagannatha Temple, learning much of value. However He came into much conflict with the Brahmic priests over
their doctrines of caste and transmigration (between animals and people).

At seventeen Jesus went among the people to preach about the evils of caste; His sermons resulted in His being hunted as a seditionary by the officials of Orissa: but the common people saved Him, and He escaped from
India to Nepal where Buddhist priests of the city of Kapilivastu welcomed Him

Jesus stayed in Nepal for several months and studied sacred literature stored there in a great library. He then journeyed to Lhassa in Tibet, where He met Meng-tse, the famous sage of the Far East who was several hundred years old at the time.

After studying under Tibetan Adepts and Masters for about five years, Jesus
returned home.

Jesus formally entered the Brotherhood at the temple in Heliopolis, Egypt at aged twenty-five. For the next five years He was a student under the guidance of Masters congregated there specifically for His education.

BTW, by this account, the Jesus known to these Eastern folk was in fact a Man (at the same level as the Buddha known to them). An Adept about to obtain Mastership. It wasn't until the baptism by John that the Great Archangel Melchizedek entered the body of Jesus to commence His ministry as the Christ.

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