The most important and fundmental forms of energy enter the human system through the Root and Crown chakras. These two chakras are connected by a nadi called, sushumna.

The sushumna runs up and down the central axis of the body within the spine, between the crown (top of the head) and sacrum. The sushumna is also connected to all seven primary chakras via the "stems," which provides each chakra with this vital energy.

This primary current runs "between the sun and earth" - "from heaven above and earth below."

As Above, So Below.

This current induces other currents at right angles to itself, which flow between the spine and the outer edges of our etheric body (aura.) Thus we have a vital etheric body consisting of an interweaving mesh of stream of energy with the spinal current as an axis. This axis actually holds the "etheric body" (our aura) together and gives it coherent form. Think of this like a magnet surrounded by lines of force in which the metal fillings are drawn into a pattern and held in place in a magnetic field.


Besides the sushumna, there are two additional energy channels that play an important role in our energy system.
These channels are known in Sanskrit as: "ida" and "pingala."

The pingala channel is the carrier of solar energy. It is full of heat and drive. It begins on the right hand side of the Root chakra and ends in the upper area of the right nostril.

The ida channel is the carrier of the cool and calming lunar energy. It begins on the left hand side of the Root chakra and ends in the left nostril.

These two channels wind their way around the sushumna from the Root chakra to the nose, meeting at the 6th chakra and polarizing each of the chakras in between, thus contributing to their spin (see Figure 6 above).


Only when one attempts to arouse the energy latent in the inner layers does the dangerous serpent fire begin to show itself. Think of this serpent fire as a ball or sphere of fire, or energy, and the ball is made up of layers, like a ball within a ball within a ball within a ball, etc.

The harmless fire of the outer skin of the ball or sphere travels up the spinal column using the three lines of sushumna, ida and pingala simultaneously.

"It is the pure Akasha that passes up Sushumna and its two aspects flow in Ida and Pingala...Ida and Pingala play along the curved wall of the spinal cord...They are the positive and the negative, the sun and the moon...They have there distinct paths of their own, otherwise they would radiate all over the body." - Madame Blavatsky "The Secret Doctrine"

C.S. Leadbeater in "The Hidden Life in Freemasonry" explains it this way: " the First Degree, it effects the Ida, or feminine aspects of the force, thus making it easier for the person to control passion and emotions; in the Second Degree, it is the Pingala, or masculine aspect which is strengthened in order to facilitate control of the mind; but in the Third Degree, it is the central energy itself, the Sushumna, which is aroused, thereby opening the way for the influence of the pure spirit on high. It is passing up through this channel of the Sushumna that a yogi leaves his physical body at will in such a manner that he can retain full consciousness on higher planes and bring back into his physical brain a clear memory of the experience."

The wings of the caduceus depicted in Figure 7 is a symbolic representation of this astral flight.

- Now you know the hidden (secret) meaning behind the caduceus symbol :-)

I repeat,
at the center of each chakra, in its deepest point, there is a stem-like channel that extends to the spine and merges with it. The chakras are connected to the sushumna via these stems, which provides each chakra with "vital energy."


In Figure 8 above, you can see the general location of the flower-like chakras, their respective stem, and the location of their connection to the spinal cord.

As you can see, the stem bends downwards, it droops if you will, in the coeliac (or solar plexus) cardiac (heart) plexus, and the throat plexus. The reason for this involves the cerebro-spinal and sympathetic nervous systems, which I am not going to explain here.

Before we leave this segment,
it should be noted that the Crown Chakra is NOT connected with any of the sympathetic plexus of the physical body.

The Crown Chakra is associated with the pineal gland and pituitary body and is related to the development of the brain and spinal system of nerves.

The pineal gland is separated from the pituitary gland by a heavy cartilaginous tissue. For many, the astral vortices corresponding to the 6th and 7th chakras converge upon the pituitary body - the pituitary body being the only direct link between the physical and the higher planes.

For another type of people, the pituitary vortex is bent, or slanted until it coincides with the pineal organ, which is vivified and made into a line of communication directly with the lower mental plane without having to pass through the intermediate astral plane in the ordinary way.

The goal here is to develop and bridge the 6th and 7th chakras, creating an avenue of communication between them. This connecting link is called the antahkarana, or simply, the psychic bridge.

The antahkarana is the link between your personality and your Higher SELF.

As you develop these higher chakras, this psychic bridge is enlarged and strengthened, and so will be your intuitive powers or abilities. Note: This break-through in separation between the higher and lower halves of the head center is NOT like cutting through or puncturing the bone or tissue; This channel or bridge is created in the psychic areas and NOT in the physical sense.

The 6th chakra is associated with the pituitary gland, and the 7th chakra is associated with the pineal gland.

Some text say the 6th chakra (Pituitary Gland) is the human Third Eye, whereas other text say the Pineal Gland is the human Third Eye, with biological evidence to suggest that perhaps it WAS a real, physical-biological Third Eye at one time long ago during our early mammalian evolution. I find this theory very interesting.

So what is it?

After musing over a wealth of research information, I think they may be one of the same, meaning, they work in tandum with each other.
You cannot SEE with your Third Eye without developing both the pituitary and pineal glands simultaneously. In other words, only when the 6th and 7th chakras are developed will the Third Eye open for you to see with.


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Let's examine these two Higher Chakras in greater detail