I think the small nagging feeling I have with your Bible page is that you cannot completely negate the metaphysical content of the Bible, although the way it has been canonized can be considered incorrect and MOST censored. I do understand that the intent of your page is to open eyes to the consideration that there has been considerable deception interwoven with our acceptance of the Bible as a Holy Book, but I think that to be factual you also have to include that which is contained within it can be construed as coming from higher sources - but definitely NOT the only available source that can be considered spiritual and enlightening, and even holy.

I cannot in good conscience say that I do not believe that the Bible holds an underlying allegory for those with eyes to see, ears to hear - but I will add that much of the same can be found in many of the sacred writings of old, and even within the musings of many of the metaphysical poets. I suppose you could summarize this by saying that the Bible, like many other metaphysical texts written by the genius of the spirit within man, holds deeply embedded analogies and archetypal thoughts and imageries that catapult the thinking mind to a higher level of conscience understanding and insight.

So, I behold that the Bible is no more sacred in content than many of the other musings of mankind and was elected to be canonized by those desiring to shape and influence the thoughts of humankind toward an elected doctrine. As I may have mentioned before, the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325 deliberated for many days determining what the common man could comprehend and openly arguing doctrine and how the union of all available doctrines could be formed and incorporated into Christianity. They excluded that which did not fit into the elected doctrine - and eventually went after everything else to be banished and disregarded with great and vicious enthusiasm.

In a book called "The Secret Archives of the Vatican", by author Maria Luisa Ambrosini, it is stated that the Vatican has a secret archive, quite separate from the known Vatican library that holds 25 miles of shelved documents denied to the human race. It is so secretive that even the 7 employees do not even vaguely understand the nature of the contents. Many of the documents came from the era of Inquisition, and throughout all time, many gathered from raidings by the church. Upon gaining access to the archives (which takes severe approval and all but a small percentage are denied), one can only access a small portion of the documentation relating to their individual search, thus one has to know what they are looking for and cannot mistakenly come upon a "discovery".

So - I wonder who IS responsible for the most censorship and the most forming of Christianity, (with 2/3 of the religious population of the world being Catholic)???

Many of the texts that were made grossly unavailable hold more of the story of mankind than does the Bible with its excessive editing. For example, the Lost Books of the Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden tell a story that is fulfilling in its humanity - and intimately correlated with the spirit life of man. I behold that what the Bible and Christianity do not focus on enough for "the common man" is that fact of his spiritual nature and that even "the common man" has diverse gifts of the spirit well within his reach. Mankind is not a poor wretched race of helpless creatures thrown to the winds by an angry God who hopefully "if they are good enough" will someday redeem them from themselves - but many of the older texts tell of the innate spiritual reach of mankind to his God. This, I suppose, is threatening to church leaders who herd the flocks through the gates, mostly ill prepared to meet the higher levels of consciousness. In some degree of well meaning, they assure that mankind is always led by spiritual guilt and other devastating means, and that mankind does not rise above the levels of censorship set forth for them. And, they assure that mankind cannot reach high spirituality without the intervention of God's representative on Earth - the Pope and his priests. This defies and challenges the entirety of the New Testament, which was supposedly the beginning record of the formal Christian Church. In the New Testament Jesus Christ stated, "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, it shall be called a Church." He also asked that people not worship nor idolize him, but his Father in heaven, and that people should go to their closets to pray instead of praying in public.

Jesus gave two great commandments to love in Matthew 22:37-38. In verse 39 he states, "On these two commandments hang all the law and prophets". In Matthew chapter 23:5-8 he further condemns the Rabbis and churches admonishing all men to call nobody Father, except the Father in heaven. In verse 13 he states, "Woe unto scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men." On through verse 15 he expounds upon the priests and rabbis who, " ...for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation." In verse 16-17 "Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, for ye compass land and sea to make one proselyte and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. Woe unto ye blind guides which say "Whosoever shall swear by the temple... ...he is a debtor." The entirety of Matthew 23 admonishes the church and its censored teachings. In the New Testament Jesus also told his followers that everything that he did that they can do and even more - including the healing powers, prophecy, and even the overcoming of death in the resurrection. Many of the ancient, censored documents also support the fact that mankind is not the miserable wretch that the church condemns them to be - but instead teach a dangerous and powerful doctrine of the strengths of mankind as multidimensional, spiritual beings.

This is a small example of how the orthodox religions cannot decipher their own very censored Bible. It is evident that most of the direct words of Jesus from the New Testament are directly disobeyed by orthodox religion. It is also evident that by commissioning Peter to build his church - Jesus never intended for it to have walls and a roof - the temple was the human being. The letters of the apostles in the New Testament were both physically addressed and written to the various communities wherein the apostles were giving spiritual counsel and helping to form communities of spiritual force, or "churches". It is vastly inconceivable how this early direction and counsel to the communities by the apostles became an established doctrine, indeed the "Holy Word" that the Church would later use to control the masses within an established religion. This would be similar to a spiritual counselor of today composing a letter of counsel or direction to a population based on his/her understanding of the local situation, and then years down the road someone sees the spiritual wisdom in it, and although addressed to specific individuals, declares the content holy and applicable to all mankind. Thus is the case with much of the New Testament.

Also, much of the New Testament documentation was set forth as memories, or history of what the main four apostles remembered of the life of Jesus, and they aren't always in perfect accord with one another. Combining these historical records, along with the letters of the apostles to various communities, the Orthodox Church established principles of Christianity derived from the key wisdom plucked from the New Testament writings. This was, of course, based on a censored and argumentative platform, which attempted to replace most older living religions, which quickly became labeled heretical. Not realizing that most of the spiritual authors of the biblical texts were influenced by culture as well as massive ancient documentation and even myth that had incorporated and interwoven into their belief system, the books hurriedly established as the Holy Book drew forth from a myriad of cultural backgrounds including that vast store of information learned from older texts. Thus, we see remnants of the wisdom of ancient texts within the Bible.

Religion is largely a control issue as orthodox religion is largely for control of the masses, but in all honesty - the beauty and surface goodness of the church with four walls is enough for some. For the ones who dare seek, the physical church is threatened and throughout history has persecuted and killed "heretics" in the most bloody and ruthless battles imaginable. Indeed, the Popes have been the most ruthless, bloody war commanders of all history.

As it involves humanity, the battle waged between the Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness has been somewhat omitted from teachings from the Bible. It speaks of the battles of the angels of God against the angels of Satan, but has left out the intricate involvement of humans and "oneness" with the angels, except to say that the battle exists and is among "principalities, powers, and dominions". Actually, the stories of the interaction of humans and angels in the Old Testament of the Bible expounds upon this issue at length for those with the eyes to see it. Each life story told of the patriarchal fathers and their families is complete with their interaction of the heavenly forces in their lives. The myriad of other ancient texts available openly refer to this battle and its circumstances within human lives. However, the Orthodox Church teaches us to fear God and to fear Satan as well, but that the spirit of an angry, but loving God would redeem us from the dark forces of Satan. Thus controlled religion is all taught us within the spirit of fear and guilt, and does not focus on humans as being powerful, multidimensional creatures with incessant interaction with the spirit realms. We have become, in one sense, in the eyes of the Orthodox Church, helpless and weak creatures cast down to Earth away from God, directed by an original sin from which we have scant hope of recovery. If we turn to our holy MEN, they will intercede and hopefully God will have mercy and salvage us from the flames of hell - but most of us will barely scrape by in great despair because it is in our nature to sin and fall short of the glory of God.

Documents such as The Book of Enoch have been omitted from the Bible. This is an amazing fact considering the Old Testament records Enoch having walked right with God and was taken into the clouds without dying. The Book of Enoch discusses the nature of mankind in accordance with the nature of angels and their plight, and the interweaving of the race of angels with the race of mankind. The Lost Books of the Bible openly discusses issues such as the affliction of mankind at the hand of the dark angels, and the Forgotten Books of Eden expounds at length upon the original spiritual affliction of this race of mankind through the deception of Adam and Eve. The Secret Doctrine, by Helen Blavastky, a commentary of The Dzyan Chohan (claimed to have originated in Atlantis), openly expounds on the nature of mankind in relation to the cosmic and universal forces, especially mankind's relationship within the oneness of the higher forces. The Nag Hammadi Texts and Dead Sea Scrolls have never been canonized, although the thinking mind and spirit cannot deny the virtue of their metaphysical content.

The list of ancient documentations that correlate, support, and even in some cases deny the Bible doctrine as set forth by the Orthodox Church cannot be completed in a small thesis. But, even without a full discourse, it becomes easier for one to see that the powerful force of all these denied documents would probably shatter the foundations of established Christianity. As mentioned before, even Jesus Christ denied the censored doctrine of the churches. Most of these writings have been censored, ignored by controlled orthodoxy, and even denied in an attempt to disprove the fact that mankind has always been able to metaphysically contact the higher sources, and even prophesy, or speak on behalf of those forces. The Bible even states in the New Testament that the human race will see visions, prophesy, speak, and act on the behalf of God and that these actions were never indigenous to the biblical men of old. Making this statement within the Bible itself proves that the Bible was never intended to be the only canonized, holy word. But - when we have read and listened, we have denied most of the metaphysical musings of mankind as poetry and general literature, keeping holy only that which was decided for us.

It appears to the thinking mind and with much musing that the doctrines taught based on the Bible cannot be supported by what has been made both evident and quite contradictory within its own canonized contents. Even with the censorship and editing, the Bible hold contradictions within itself - which contradiction is embedded deeply within nature of mankind. In summary, the Bible is a highly evolved, metaphysical document, compiled from various manuscripts through history, designed by certain perpetrators to uphold a single orthodox doctrine. This single doctrine cannot suffice, because the nature of the Bible itself beholds that mankind seek within their metaphysical, spiritual being for truth and not to let the actions and orthodoxy of others guide them. It does not teach disestablishment, but instead the establishment of a single truth known within the spirit of mankind - their God. Thus, guided by that single truth - any person could compose a "Bible".

22 June 2000