Break on Through to the Other Side

What they do NOT teach you in Sunday School or Bible Study



The Astral World encompasses seven dimensions, or planes, which correspond to the seven divisions of matter: solid, liquid, gaseous, ether, super-etheric, subatomic, and atomic. These are thought to play an important part in the immediate destiny of humans. ????? — If the human permits the rearrangement of the matter of the astral body into sheaths, s/he is only cognizant of only a part of his/her surroundings at a time, and it is not until AFTER the experience (of that part) can the person move on and enjoy the bliss that the higher dimensions of the astral world possess. This may not make sense to you now, but hopefully, at the end of my Astral World section, you will reread this paragraph and understand what is being said here.

Think of each astral plane NOT as a level or layer, but as a "Plane of Being."

Each plane has seven sub-planes, and each sub-plane has seven subdivisions, and each subdivision has seven subdivisions. So you see there are MANY DEGREES.

Each plane is a vibration of energy. Matter is the lowest degree of vibration of energy — repeat, matter is the lowest degree of vibration.

You must understand, these Astral Planes are NOT layers on top of each other, nor a series of straight layers as one part of a great strata, nor grades of matter; These Astral Planes are grades of VIBRATION. And they ALL interpenetrate each other in the same point of space.

It is equally important to understand that these "Planes of Being" are NOT a PLACE, but "STATES of BEING." You must understand and comprehend this fact in order to understand what the Astral World is all about.

Perhaps the simplest way to convey/portray the concept that all these astral planes share the same point in space at the same time is to examine the notes on a musical staff.

Each note is audible on a frequency that distinguishes its own individual unique tone.

Below are the frequencies of each note on the musical scale above.









When one note is played, your ears hear it as a stand alone note. When two or more notes are played simultaneously, the notes resonate at the same time while occupying the same point of space, yet they occupy different frequencies.

Different frequencies can share the same point in space at the same time. The fact that you can hear the notes is simply because your human faculty of hearing is capable of hearing those frequencies.

Now imagine various dimensions in space, each vibrating at a different frequency, existing simultaneously and occupying the same point of space, but each one is beyond the human, physical faculty of detection... Can you imagine that? — It's important for you to understand that just because we canNOT see or hear or touch or smell or taste these different frequencies in space does not mean they do not exist.


The Visible and Invisible
If to See is to Believe, is the Unseen Unbelievable?

Let's briefly examine the Electromagnetic Spectrum — EMS. Electromagnetic waves are formed when an electric field couples with a magnetic field. Earth, and everyone and everything on Earth experiences electromagnetic radiation/waves. You use electromagnetic waves when you watch (UHF) television, listen to the AM/FM radio, and cook food in your microwave oven.

The difference between these different forms of energy (waves) is their wavelength. Wavelength is the distance between one wave crest to the next wave crest.

Waves in the electromagnetic spectrum vary in size from very LONG (size of buildings) to very SMALL (size of an atomic nuclei.) As a result, electromagnetic waves can be described by their waveLENGTH, their FREQUENCY, and Energy (ie. X-ray) even if they are invisible to us.


The Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) involves many different elements or energies, each with their own specific identity based on their own specific wavelength/frequency. Please take a moment to examine the chart above (its not there for eye-candy). The chart defines each element of the EMS by its wavelength, frequency and energy. Note their differences.

Radio Waves
Radio waves are signals for television and cell phones. Radio telescopes/dishes collect very large light wavelengths — some so large they belong to the radio region of the electrospectrum. These wavelengths are then converted to signals we can see and hear with our human faculties of sight and hearing (television and radio.) Albeit we cannot see, feel, hear, smell or taste Radio Waves, they exist.




Microwaves are used to heat and transmit information, depending on the size of the wavelength. Doppler Radar, used to detect weather conditions, use microwave energy. Microwaves:
Albeit we cannot see, feel, hear, smell or taste Microwaves, they exist.



Infrared energy with long wavelengths can be felt in the form of heat (ie. from the Sun, heat lamps in restaurants to keep foods warm). The warmer the object, the more infrared radiation emitted. With special infrared cameras and film, we can see (detect) the temperature variations of an object, which assigns different brightness and colors.

On the opposite extreme, Infrared energy with short wavelengths cannot be seen or felt, yet we use them on a daily basis. They are used in our remote controls to control our televisions, cable, CD and DVD players, etc. Albeit we cannot see, feel, hear, or taste (the short wavelengths), infrared energy exist. Infrared radiation: Albeit we (humans) cannot see, feel, hear, smell or taste Infrared light, it exist.


Visible Light
Ah, light! Yes, we can see light, but only the White Light. Only when this white light shines through a prism (or water vapor = rainbow) which breaks the light apart, can we see the colors of the visible light spectrum. Each color has their own vibration and occupies the same point in space, yet none of them interfere with the other.















The human eye can see (visible) wavelengths from 400 to 700 nm (nanometers) — for those who are interested, one (1) nanometer is equivalent to about 10 atoms lined up in a row. This portion of the EMS (400 to ~700 nm) is the only portion of the EMS that is visible to the human eye.

We can see "white light," but we cannot see the different individual colors (wavelengths) that make up the white light without the aid of a prismatic source (ie. glass prism or water vapor.) So in essence, albeit we cannot see, feel, hear, smell or taste the colorful spectrum of light, it exist.


Ultraviolet (UV) Light
Humans cannot see Ultraviolet light, but some insects can (ie. bumblebees)! The sun's UV radiation is responsible for our sunburns. We study the stars and galaxies by examining the UV light they emit. The photo on the right emitting UV radiation. Albeit we cannot see, feel (at the moment), hear, smell or taste UV light/radiation, it exist.




X-Ray light acts more like a particle than a wave. We can see X-ray light on X-ray film. Simply put, X-ray particles travel through clothing and skin but are absorbed by bones and metal objects, leaving a silhouette (shadow) of the objects the X-ray particles do not pass through. These silhouettes are recorded on X-ray film. Albeit we cannot see, feel, hear, smell or taste X-ray radiation, it exist.



Gamma Rays
A gamma ray is a packet of electromagnetic energy—a photon. Gamma photons are the most energetic photons in the electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma rays are generated (emitted) by radioactive atoms in nuclear explosions. These rays travel vast distances across the universe to reach us here on Earth. (Fortunately, they are absorbed by the earth's atmosphere.) Gamma rays are produced by violent events like, supernova explosions and the destruction of atoms, and also by less dramatic events like, the decay of radioactive material in space. Albeit we cannot see, feel, hear, smell or taste Gamma rays, they exist.

Like the EMS (with the exception of 400-700 nm) magnetism is invisible to the human eye, yet we all know it exist. The simple visual demonstration below proves that magnetic forces/fields exist. The iron fillings are drawn from the North pole to the South pole, outlining the magnetic lines of force of the dipole magnet. Albeit we cannot see, hear, feel, smell or taste magnetic forces, they exist.



In general, we cannot see, hear, feel, smell or taste electricity, but we can feel its shocking existence. Yes, we can see lightning and static electricity in the form of a hair-raising experiment and sparks when the electrically charged is suddenly grounded, but the electrons that are responsible for the flow of the electrical current are beyond our human vision. Without physical interaction with electricity, we cannot see, feel, hear, smell or taste electricity, yet electricity exist.


My point is simple: There are many elements / forces of Nature that are INVISIBLE to our physical sensory faculties, yet they exist nonetheless, and they are just as real as anything we can sense in our physical, material world. All these elements I describe above can occupy the same point in space simultaneously, yet none of them interfere with the other.

Do you Understand?

Q: What does all this have to do with the Astral World?

A: Each Astral Plane and its corresponding sub-planes and subdivisions exist on a different (vibratory) frequency, which occupy the same point in space simultaneously, yet are invisible to each other and do not interfere with each other. AND, like the Electromagnetic Spectrum, all of them lie beyond our physical, sensory faculties, which is why we cannot see, hear, feel, smell or taste them.

Q: Okay, so how can I see and access these Astral Planes if their frequencies are beyond our physical faculties?

A: There are three methods that will enable you to see/access the Astral Plane:
employment of your astral senses / astral vision — clairvoyance
leave your physical body with your astral body — astral projection
your physical body dies — death

Before I proceed to explain the mysteries of the Astral Planes and astral projection, do you understand, and can you comprehend the Truth / Fact that there are many elements / forces of Nature that exist beyond our five physical sensory faculties?

If you canNOT grasp this Truth, then you might as well leave this section right now because what I am about to reveal will be impossible for you to understand and comprehend.


That said, shall we proceed?


I don't believe in any of this nonsense.

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